Monday, September 25, 2017


Recent protests in different methods are really individuals trying in their own way to express their opinion, but in my opinion the protesters need to step back and analyze their true purpose. I feel they have lost their way as to the meaning of what they want to accomplish. This should not be white against black because America is much more that that! There is more than color - wake up! There are certain protesters who just want to create a disturbance and that is what is causing the problem in America. Do not disrespect America just to protest!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Insurance, Drug, and Healthcare Cost.

The cost of insurance, prescription drugs and healthcare has reached a critical point for most Americans. There seems to be a never-ending increase in the pricing of all three. Senior citizens have to deal with the normal confusing Medicare coverage options and enrollment packages in an attempt to obtain what they hope will be a decent plan. Once a year they are bombarded with new plan information as the new enrollment period arrives. They receive notification that insurance monthly premiums are increasing. This amounts to billions of dollars for the insurance companies, drug companies, and healthcare providers along with increased costs for all citizens. This places a severe strain on the senior citizens who already struggle to meet their monthly budget, sometimes sacrificing food to buy the necessary prescription drugs. The costs of a visit to a doctor or dentist are outrageous and pray that you don’t have to visit a hospital. If you don’t have insurance, you don’t receive that insurance discount, when actually that is the time you need that discount. Healthcare cost in America is out of control! America is a very wealthy country and the government should take the necessary steps to assure that every citizen has affordable healthcare coverage. Every citizen should have nothing less than the coverage afforded to the members of Congress and federal employees, which is of course paid for by the citizens. This is an area where governmental action to some extent is necessary in order to provide the necessary and financially affordable coverage that every citizen deserves. Congress (all members) should deliver a well-defined plan and take the necessary steps to execute the plan in order to provide this service to the American people. Write your member of Congress and demand action on your behalf!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

American Political Change Desired

The time has come, and some say passed, for the American public to demand change in Congress with how government operates. It is true all members of American society will not agree on most issues and this is reflected in the many close elections. The big problem would seem to be the elected officials and their inability to produce programs that satisfy everyone by utilizing the ability to compromise. These self-serving politicians really need to show some form of intelligence and produce programs, such as healthcare and insurance oversight, which satisfy the majority and don’t lean to extremes on either side. Try taking lobbyists and money out of the equation! Is this possible? The healthcare industry, the drug industry, and politicians are all out of control. The American public should clean out Congress and start over with a new mandate that actually has the interest and protection of the public as a primary objective. Congress, state government, and local government fail when it comes to actually representing the average citizen. Government salaries and pensions seem to be their main concern. Wake up America, register to vote if you are not registered and vote for someone to make changes.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

US Government Waste

The CAGW (Citizens Against Government Waste – reports on government waste in various areas of our bloated system. Congress and government employees continue to waste billions of dollars. Each year this type of information makes the news in various formats. You have to wonder how government officials can read this information (maybe a staff member should bring it to their attention) and continue to ignore calls from the public for reform in the way they handle money that actually belongs to the taxpayer. Have they become so lost in their lifestyle that their sense of responsibility has vanished? There are also other type of reports and media coverage that mention waste in various government agencies and departments. Government employees just don’t seem to remember who they work for and whose money they spend. Just a reminder, it is the rest of the American citizens you are supposed to answer to regarding this wasteful spending. Where is responsible management? Are there no controls in effect to monitor excess spending or rogue employees? There is so much that needs to be done in America and could be done with the wasted funds. Try balancing the budget. Apply some of these funds to various worthwhile projects such as social security and Medicare. Direct some funds to eliminate the fraud in both of those areas since it appears to be out of control. Maybe the next President could make an effort at addressing this matter by appointing someone with the necessary vision and intelligence to a position with the authority to correct this situation. This could begin by eliminating a number of unnecessary positions within the inflated government. The President’s authority may be limited, but the public needs to demand action from Congress and the President along with voting those undesirable individuals out of office. We need one term limits on members of Congress so they become servants of the citizens and not special interest groups and big money donors. There is so much that could be done to make this great country better and it is past time to move in that direction.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Congress & Healthcare

Healthcare costs and insurance costs are out of control and too many Americans are struggling to survive while trying to cover payments for healthcare and coverage.  Members of Congress, their staff, and government employees have excellent coverage paid for by the taxpayers.  Every taxpaying citizen should have the same type coverage as a minimum since they foot the bill.  There should be no problem with assessing some type of tax on individuals making over $250,000 (including members of Congress, who are overpaid) to assist with the cost.  This group should consider themselves lucky to be in America with the opportunity to make that income.  It should be easy to find savings in current government spending as an offset if someone actually makes an effort, since there is outrageous waste in government.  It is time for regulation of the healthcare and insurance industries.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

United States Congress

Actions by the United States Congress in relation to health care reform provide an excellent example of how this government body fails to represent and serve the American public. This has been nothing but a public relations performance by the members to make the public think they are actually doing something when in fact they are doing nothing. The end result will provide nothing of real value except possible pre-existing condition reform for children, but adults will have to wait 3-4 years for reform in this area. Why wait for changes to take effect? Could lobbying money have something to do with this delay? Maybe some changes will take place for coverage related to people without insurance, but this area leaves many questions. Maybe the public will wake up someday and realize they have the power to take the do nothing members out of office and replace them with real people, or maybe not, this has been happening since the beginning! The amusing aspect is that this grandstanding event takes the attention away from the fact that the American economy is still in the dumps because members of Congress failed in their duties to protect the public from greed and corruption in the financial industry. Members of Congress are a failure when it comes to serving the public. Their success is in relation to giving themselves pay raises and living like royalty at the expense of taxpayers. The question is will the public be upset enough to take action at the polls when they realize and understand the actual end results of the so-called reform.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Support Our Military

The American public needs to remember that we have military troops all over the world providing service to our country. It is easy to forget this fact while we live in our own little worlds concentrating on our lives and the pursuit of our dreams. We may not agree with certain military operations, but we all need to remember the sacrifices made by these volunteer service members. If you are dissatisfied with certain military operations, you should voice those concerns to members of Congress. Maybe some day Congress will listen to the people. In the meantime, all Americans should remember our military troops and show support whenever and wherever possible. This can be simple things such as walking up to someone in uniform and expressing thanks to him or her for their service to our country.