Saturday, March 12, 2016

Insurance, Drug, and Healthcare Cost.

The cost of insurance, prescription drugs and healthcare has reached a critical point for most Americans. There seems to be a never-ending increase in the pricing of all three. Senior citizens have to deal with the normal confusing Medicare coverage options and enrollment packages in an attempt to obtain what they hope will be a decent plan. Once a year they are bombarded with new plan information as the new enrollment period arrives. They receive notification that insurance monthly premiums are increasing. This amounts to billions of dollars for the insurance companies, drug companies, and healthcare providers along with increased costs for all citizens. This places a severe strain on the senior citizens who already struggle to meet their monthly budget, sometimes sacrificing food to buy the necessary prescription drugs. The costs of a visit to a doctor or dentist are outrageous and pray that you don’t have to visit a hospital. If you don’t have insurance, you don’t receive that insurance discount, when actually that is the time you need that discount. Healthcare cost in America is out of control! America is a very wealthy country and the government should take the necessary steps to assure that every citizen has affordable healthcare coverage. Every citizen should have nothing less than the coverage afforded to the members of Congress and federal employees, which is of course paid for by the citizens. This is an area where governmental action to some extent is necessary in order to provide the necessary and financially affordable coverage that every citizen deserves. Congress (all members) should deliver a well-defined plan and take the necessary steps to execute the plan in order to provide this service to the American people. Write your member of Congress and demand action on your behalf!