Friday, November 30, 2007


The safety of food in the U.S. has been in the headlines numerous times. Recently the amount of salt in processed food was the topic of conversation. It seems that manufacturers load us up with sodium. Also reported in the news was the fact that the same food is sold in other countries with less sodium, sometimes one-half as much. It is hard to understand why the manufacturers continue operating in a way that seems to imply health issues are not at the forefront of the process. I know, the manufacturers state that they are constantly monitoring the situation and the FDA state they are monitoring, but why lower the sodium content in one country and not others. If there is a health concern, that concern should be taken seriously everywhere and not just in one location. There were scares in the past involving salads and meat. I realize we are supposed to have the safest food supply, but sometimes you wonder if all these highly paid people are asleep at the wheel when it comes to really paying attention to content and processing of food. Reading labels helps, but there are still areas where you need to depend on the FDA for oversight and protection. Once again in government, as in business, someone has to watch someone else to be sure they are doing their job.

Monday, November 26, 2007


The state of the U.S. economy apparently depends on what statistics you are using as a guide. A Cox News Service article (11-24-07) states that economists assure us the inflation rate is about 2% and the government says food prices are up 4.4% compared to last year and inflation is low. They do not consider fuel and food in the inflation rate since those items can rise and fall dramatically. For example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics in October show that gasoline was up 23%, bread up 16%, coffee up nearly 10%, and orange juice up 28% from last year. I happen to believe the average consumer takes those items into consideration when measuring their own inflation rate and how to juggle finances to meet the needs for the month. The games played with statistics are ridiculous. I find the unemployment statistics suspect, since they do not show anything but new claims and do not consider people that have run out of benefits without locating a new job. Only considering new claims does not provide a real view of the unemployment picture and the effect on the economy. You can utilize statistics to support different views depending on how they are manipulated, but the public should not be on the receiving end of misleading information from their elected officials.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Social Security

The social security system is broken and if all the indicators in the press are correct and there will actually be a shortfall in the future in regard to payments, then the time is at hand for the political establishment to make changes. The time is now, not at election time. There can be simple changes such as raising the cap so the wealthy pay more into the American system that made them wealthy. This includes the political establishment making an income that dwarfs the average individual income in this country. Yes, they may complain, but the tremendous growth in the gap between the wealthy and the other class of people in this country demands that action be taken to correct the situation. The number of people in this country that will depend on that small income is growing at a rapid rate and will not decrease due to numerous problems in society today including the way the business world no longer takes an interest in employees and their future. Loyalty to and pride in the real individuals that make companies successful disappeared long ago and shows no indication of returning to the workplace. Then there is the corruption factor where benefits are being paid to individuals that have no right to those benefits. The time is now to address the numerous problems.

Mortgage Mess

The nightmare involving mortgage delinquency, foreclosures, financial stocks decline, and homes that can’t be sold, is the result of actions taken by certain groups. This is not the first time the American society has experienced a severe economic disruption and I’m sure not the last. This could probably be tied to higher ups in government, but the bottom line is the mortgage lenders and the individuals that signed the dotted line for these loans are the most responsible. The mortgage lenders were making loans that should not have been approved under any circumstances. The individuals applying for those loans knew better and should have looked at a more realistic and affordable price for a home. The market was also loaded with those greedy individuals and groups thinking they could cheat the market. As far as using tax dollars to bail these people out, no way! They created their own mess and they should clean it up themselves!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ticket Scalpers

I have never purchased a ticket from a scalper so maybe I don’t have the right attitude about this area, but in my opinion, it is time for someone to take action in this matter. It can be the legislature or whatever body is necessary to put a stop to the nonsense. The computer programs or ticket agency setup that allow scalpers to make massive purchases and then take advantage of the public is due for a makeover. Free enterprise is not applicable to this situation. This is nothing more than raping of the public and it is time for the political establishment, local or national, to take action. This is just one of a very large number of smaller areas that the political establishment needs to address, then they should try the more important areas that need attention in order to better protect and serve the public instead of going on junkets or counting their stock options.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Blogs seem to be rampant with people today. It appears there is a large segment of the population with a desire to express their opinion about everything in society. Does that mean the population in general is dissatisfied and believes they can make changes or is it just a feeling of release to voice their concerns or opinions. I have apparently joined that group when I made the decision to express my opinion about numerous issues by publishing this comments page. Don’t misunderstand my comments, I am happy to live in a society where I am able to voice my comments and will try to include a few positive ones from time to time.