Thursday, November 22, 2007

Social Security

The social security system is broken and if all the indicators in the press are correct and there will actually be a shortfall in the future in regard to payments, then the time is at hand for the political establishment to make changes. The time is now, not at election time. There can be simple changes such as raising the cap so the wealthy pay more into the American system that made them wealthy. This includes the political establishment making an income that dwarfs the average individual income in this country. Yes, they may complain, but the tremendous growth in the gap between the wealthy and the other class of people in this country demands that action be taken to correct the situation. The number of people in this country that will depend on that small income is growing at a rapid rate and will not decrease due to numerous problems in society today including the way the business world no longer takes an interest in employees and their future. Loyalty to and pride in the real individuals that make companies successful disappeared long ago and shows no indication of returning to the workplace. Then there is the corruption factor where benefits are being paid to individuals that have no right to those benefits. The time is now to address the numerous problems.

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