Monday, February 18, 2008

Animal Rescue

There are millions of animals in need of caring people to provide homes or assistance. This can range from a rabbit to a horse, with cats and dogs getting the most attention due to their large numbers. Yes, there are numerous organizations and thousands of people involved in and committed to the rescue and relief of homeless animals and I applaud those individuals. More needs to be done since these numbers grow by the day. You can adopt a homeless animal from the many welfare organizations across the country or if you are unable to adopt, donate to one of these organizations or volunteer some time to help one of these locations. Shelters deserve your attention since those animals will be destroyed after a certain time period. Any search engine or phone book will provide lists of possible sources for you to research and contact. In regard to donations, research before providing money and be sure that particular organization uses the majority of their funds for the animals and not for their salaries. There are plenty of good organizations, but you can’t escape the fact that greed creeps into just about all aspects of society. Animals aren’t able to be involved in the decision process related to their life and circumstances, so caring people need to provide or assist in locating a good loving home along with showing respect and compassion for all animal life.

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