Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Privacy seems to be disappearing at supersonic speed in America and the world. It is harder and harder for you to maintain any sense of privacy in your life, no matter how hard you try. The technological changes that have taken place over the years may be partial responsible. You can utilize search engines and the internet to find just about anything these days or hire numerous companies to dig out whatever information you desire. Years ago you valued your privacy and most still do today, but the younger generation has grown up with a slightly different attitude concerning what deserves to be private or how much they care that other people know so much about their lives. There are numerous companies that do nothing but create and maintain databases of information on individuals, everything from your financial situation to what you buy at the store. The government is also not reluctant to maintain all types of information. The laws are very weak in this area and need to be much more effective in order to protect the public. There are just too many avenues and sources out there with too much information, along with many individuals that have a desire to misuse that information. We have the right to expect and to have whatever privacy we desire in our lives. Our representatives in Congress should be taking steps to correct this situation with the necessary regulations and the public should be demanding for Congress to address this matter.


Agent 001 said...

Hey that was good.Its true privacy is disappearing.
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undercover said...



Yes, we can never have any real privacy anymore. Whether it's being spied on by CCTV or being pestered by people we know, there's no way to keep a lot of things to ourselves.
Love the blog