Friday, May 8, 2009


I read numerous articles related to veterans and their troubles in various areas. Recently there were two letters in a newspaper regarding two different aspects of the military. One was related to a man in uniform and his effort to assist a female by chasing her car down to return her wallet that was dropped in a store parking lot. The other was regarding problems related to the VA Medical Centers. One individual stated he had to sit in the emergency room for hours before even having his vitals taken, much less see a doctor. He stated that the excuse was they were understaffed and had only one nurse. He stated the personnel were rude, uncaring, and acted like they were only interested in finishing the shift and their paycheck. Emergency rooms are certainly a problem across the nation in all hospitals and there is a nurse shortage, but I have seen salary information for VA hospital staff and they are certainly well paid, if not overpaid. This is an area that should be reviewed by government and action taken to solve the problem. Change the rules and start firing people and replacing them with people that will get the job done. The public deserves better medical care and veterans certainly deserve excellent medical care.

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