Sunday, March 29, 2015

American Political Change Desired

The time has come, and some say passed, for the American public to demand change in Congress with how government operates. It is true all members of American society will not agree on most issues and this is reflected in the many close elections. The big problem would seem to be the elected officials and their inability to produce programs that satisfy everyone by utilizing the ability to compromise. These self-serving politicians really need to show some form of intelligence and produce programs, such as healthcare and insurance oversight, which satisfy the majority and don’t lean to extremes on either side. Try taking lobbyists and money out of the equation! Is this possible? The healthcare industry, the drug industry, and politicians are all out of control. The American public should clean out Congress and start over with a new mandate that actually has the interest and protection of the public as a primary objective. Congress, state government, and local government fail when it comes to actually representing the average citizen. Government salaries and pensions seem to be their main concern. Wake up America, register to vote if you are not registered and vote for someone to make changes.

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