Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Television Advertisements

The Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Communications Commission together should take a serious look at their combined oversight of advertising. It would seem that big corporate advertisers have taken control of how they present ads with no concern for the consumers. There are too many television commercials with fast talking disclaimers and unreadable small print along the bottom of the screen. Any advertiser should be required to make all aspects very clear to the public without any confusion or misleading aspects. Drug companies should not be allowed to advertise drugs without clarification regarding why this drug would be prescribed and possible side effects should be very clear and understandable. There appears to be an extreme effort by advertisers to skirt the requirements and push the envelope as much as possible. Maybe it is time for these two commissions to band together and exercise stronger judgment when it comes to protecting the consumer. Currently, the corporate greed for revenue would appear to be the main reason for misleading, confusing, and downright outrageous advertising.

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