Wednesday, August 20, 2008


The cost of healthcare, as everyone knows, is completely out of control. If you are lucky enough to have insurance coverage, you are paying an increasingly larger portion of that cost as employers pass these premium increases along to you. This is an area that needs more control by government. I know more government control is not always a good thing, but in today’s business climate controls are a necessity. Businesses will take advantage of the public whenever possible and that is just a fact. The healthcare and energy industries are areas where out of control may not be a strong enough term. If you do not have health insurance and this group of Americans continues to grow, you really get the shaft. You have to deal with the outrageous cost plus deal with the fact that healthcare providers give insurance companies discounts while charging uninsured individuals higher amounts. There are many excuses by providers for this event, but the bottom line is this should not be allowed to happen. Being uninsured can happen for numerous reasons and most of the time is unavoidable and always undesirable. Being in this situation should not be a reason for healthcare providers to rape the public. Congress should act to rectify this situation and also correct numerous other problems in the healthcare industry including drug companies ripping off the public with outrageous prices. This is something that the wasteful members of Congress just talk about without ever making a real effort to correct the situation. There needs to be a grassroots effort to remove every member of Congress and replace them with individuals who will govern for the people that pay their salaries. In that regard, salaries for members of Congress and staff should be reduced to a level that is more in line with the average income of the American citizen.

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Valash said...

I totally agree with you, healthcare insurance is a serious issue in the US. Members' of congress salaries should be reduced to average pay.