Friday, August 8, 2008


Networking in the business world has reached a point where it is bad for business. A large number of businesses today are having problems in the financial and operational areas that can be directly related to bad management. This includes middle management and upper management. Networking has placed inept individuals in positions they are not qualified for and are unable to function efficiently or effectively. The remaining employees suffer the consequences, along with the business suffering in the areas of profitability and success. There is entirely too much of the “buddy system” taking place in the business world. Positions aren’t being filled by qualified individuals, but rather by someone’s contact or “networking buddy”. This has always been something to deal with in business, but over the last number of years this type of behavior has become too much of a normal routine for businesses. The senior executives have become so involved in their golden parachutes and bonuses that they have forgotten the reason or purpose for the business. Employees have no job security and most have no confidence in the company or management. Greed has taken over in the business world. Maybe the saying “For the love of money is the root of all evil” is appropriate for today. All of this reflects in today’s businesses with poor customer service and poor opinions of business. The problems in the business world can, in part, be traced to placing inept individuals in management by utilizing the “networking” or “buddy system”.

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