Monday, January 5, 2009

American Judicial System

The American judicial system is broken and it is past time for a complete overhaul. There are too many criminals using a revolving door when it comes to punishment. This goes for criminals guilty of robbery or home burglary and criminals guilty of more serious crimes. Judges appear to be entirely too lax in their punishment. They commit crimes, go in for a short period of time and are back out doing the same crimes. White-collar criminals are receiving light prison terms and when there is a fine involved, the amount is small compared to the crimes they committed and the amount involved in their crime. The federal prison system appears to provide incarceration and not any real punishment. Rehabilitation would appear to be non-existent. I recently read about an inmate attending a professional basketball game and he was out of prison while serving an 18-month sentence that does not expire for 8 months. He was not out on parole since there is no parole in federal prison, but there is the next best thing, a furlough. Inmates who meet specific security standards are considered for furloughs of up to 30 days that typically occur during their final year of confinement. This is intended to help reestablish family and community ties. This is outrageous! They can adjust after they serve their time for the crimes they committed against society! What has America come to when criminals are treated in such a manner? Politicians are committing fraud against the public they are supposed to be serving and when found guilty of their crimes they receive very light sentences. The public deserves better and the judicial system deserves a makeover.


Valash said...

I agree with you that people who commit white collar crimes get lite sentences. I saw a show (forgot the name of the program) the other day that showed people doing the same white collar crime after they served their time, that is ridiculous!

burkhart1 said...

The judicial system is broke! Not only on the criminal side but on the civil side. With political favors and abuse of judicial descretion running rampant, one can only attempt to bring misdeed to light in hopes of change.

That is why I have written about it.

Dixie Burkhart
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