Monday, January 19, 2009

Congress & Salary

The salaries of the members of Congress are out of line when you consider what they actually do and what they have accomplished as a governmental body. The current economic conditions facing the citizens and the country at this time also make it evident that they are overpaid. The history of their salary increases is something to behold. They are currently at a whopping $169,300 a year, with an increase already in progress that will give them a $174,000 annual amount. When you consider what they have actually accomplished, this is an outrageous figure. The fact that they give themselves raises is another outrageous matter. I am sure people surviving on only social security checks would agree with this analysis. Do we get our money’s worth? I don’t think so! Back in 1815 their salary was $6 a day, then in 1968 the amount was $30,000, 1979 has them at $60,000, 1991 shows $125,100, and now $169,300. I believe the time is now for members to decrease that salary and place it more in line with reality. The average individual income in America is around $45,000 to $50,000 (with millions below that level). Even if they doubled it to $90,000, that would provide a livable income and would not include their other sources of income. It is time to remove our politicians from the royalty view they have of themselves and place them back in a position of serving the public. Write your members of Congress and demand that they take action to correct this situation and do it now! In fact, a large percentage of city, county, state, and federal employees (especially appointed positions) have salaries that have reached out of line levels and need to be reduced, especially in today’s economic situation. Businesses are reducing salary levels and government should follow those steps and operate in a realistic business manner!

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